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Help Prepare Your Child for the Ohio Achievement Assessment!
Practice Tests, Standards, and Much More

The Ohio Department of Education offers resources to parents, teachers, and students to help prepare for the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA).

Please visit the following website to check out useful resources:

Once at the website, explore the following areas:

What's Expected of Students:  In this area you can view what students need to know and be able to do by the time they take the test for each grade level and subject.  If you would like to view sample questions you should choose a subject, grade level, and year on the right hand side of the screen and click "I'm Ready".  You will be shown a screen that has performance levels.  Click on "See Content Standards" on the right-hand side of the screen.  From here you can see the standards student are tested on, and select to view sample questions for each standard.

Practice for the Test:  Have your child take a practice OAA test.  After clicking on "Practice for the Test" choose the link for students.  At the bottom right of the screen you can choose to take a practice OAA test without having a username or password for the site.  Simply choose a subject area, grade, and a test to practice from, and let your child put his or her knowledge to the test!  Make sure your child chooses to "Save and Continue" after each question so that you can accurately review the results at the end of the test.

Understand Test Results:  Learn how OAA tests are scored.  On the right side of the screen choose a subject, grade, and year.  Click on "I'm Ready".  From here you can choose to view released questions, a breakdown of proficiency levels by standards, and rubrics for short answer and extended reponse questions.

*At anytime you make click on "Portal" at the top of the screen to go back to the original site*

Third Grade Reading Guarantee Aids Struggling Readers


If you have a child in kindergarten through grade three who has trouble reading, help is on the way.


Ohio’s new Third Grade Reading Guarantee directs schools to identify which students in kindergarten through grade three are having trouble reading and give them extra reading help right away. The goal is to get these boys and girls caught up in reading as soon as possible.

Studies show that children who are behind in reading at the end of the grade three will have a hard time in all subjects in the fourth grade and beyond. After that, it can be hard for a child to ever catch up in school.


Under the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, <School Name> will determine at the start of each year how well each child in kindergarten through grade three is reading. We will then create a special reading plan for each child who is behind. Teachers who are experienced in teaching reading will work with these students.


If you have a son or daughter who still struggles with reading at the end of grade three, we will talk with you about keeping the child in third grade until he or she catches up. That may be all or only part of the school year. Even then, though, your child may do fourth-grade work in other subjects if he or she is ready.


There are special rules about the guarantee that can help children who are still learning English and children who have disabilities. Read more about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee ateducation.ohio.gov, or talk with your child’s teacher for more details.


What Ohio’s New Learning Standards Mean for Your Child


This year, your child will be learning under new standards in math, English, science and social studies. These standards contain higher goals for what your child needs to know in each grade. The math and English standards are also known as the Common Core State Standards. Ohio and other states, not the federal government, worked together to create these Common Core standards. Ohio teachers, subject experts and education leaders created Ohio’s standards for science and social studies.


You will notice three main changes in your child’s learning under each of the new standards:


·        The teacher will cover fewer topics within each subject, but will cover each of those topics more thoroughly. Let’s use third-grade math as an example. Your student will study fewer concepts, but will get a more complete understanding of those concepts, such as multiplication and division. 


·        Higher expectations for what kids learn.The standards call for students to have a deeper understanding of the subjects they learn so they can use that understanding in everyday life. Your teacher also will encourage your child to think critically about what he or she is learning, be innovative, solve problems and work together with others. These are skills that your son or daughter can use both in and outside school. They also are skills your child will need some day to be successful in college or jobs.


·        Clearer definitions of achievement.Your teacher will be able to explain to you more clearly whether your student is learning all that he or she needs to know to move to the next grade and beyond.  


Teachers can tailor their lessons to all kinds of learners under the new standards. As always, talk with your child’s teacher if you have special concerns about his or her learning.



Joan Scofield
Curriculum Coordinator
Academic Content Standards:
The State Academic Content Standards are clearly defined statements and/or illustrations of what all students, teachers, schools, and school districts are expected to know and be able to do. These go to specific standards:
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