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Norwood School Supply List for 2022-23

Norwood Elementary Supply List



  6- glue sticks

24- No. 2 pencils

  2- 2-pocket folders with fasteners (1 red, 1 blue)

  1- Elmer's glue bottle

  4- packs of 24 count crayons 

  1- supply box (standard size)

  1- box of 8 count fat markers

  1- headphones (please no earbuds)

  1- big pink eraser

  1- pair of scissors

  1- 1 inch binder with clear sleeve on the cover to insert a cover (white)

  4- dry erase markers, black

  1- watercolor paints

  1- composition book

  1- container of Play-Doh

  1- box of gallon sized baggies


 *Donations of paper towels, tissues, sandwich sized ziplock baggies (any brand as

   long as they seal) are appreciated!

First Grade

2- cans of Play-Doh

1- pack of Crayola broad line markers

3- boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons 

6- Elmers glue sticks

2- pair of headphones- NOT EARBUDS

1- pair of scissors

20- sharpened pencils

3- black fine line dry erase Expo markers

1- yellow highlighter

1- large pink eraser

1- one subject notebook

*Donations of paper towels, Kleenex, and Clorox wipes are GREATLY appreciated. Please understand that you may be asked to replenish your student’s supplies if needed. 

Second Grade

36– #2 pencils (pre-sharpened is preferred) – NO mechanical pencils 

  1-pack of pencil top erasers 

  2– boxes of  24 count crayons 

  1- box of 12 colored pencils

  2- glue sticks

  1– pair of kid’s scissors

  1– pair of headphones (earbuds do not seem to work well for all the children)

  2- 3-prong plastic or poly folder (not paper because those will fall apart) 

  1- plastic 8”x5”x2” Sterilite school box

  2- 4pks of BLACK, FINE TIP dry erase markers (Expo is preferred)

  *Donations of wide ruled notebook paper, paper towels and tissues are appreciated. 

Third Grade

3- packages of 24 count pencils - sharpened (please replenish throughout the year) 

1- pencil sharpener

1- pair of small scissors 

2- boxes of 24 count crayons 

2- packs of colored pencils (suggested Crayola 12 count)

8- glue sticks

3- one subject spiral notebooks (wide ruled) NO plastic covers

3- two pocket plastic/poly folders 

1- three pack of 3x3 Post-It notes 

2- four packs of Expo Dry Erase markers (black and/or blue)

1- plastic supply box (recommended size: 8”x 5”x 2”)

1- set of headphones/earbuds

1- black Sharpie

*Donations of paper towels, tissues, quart size ziploc bags, and extra supplies throughout the year would be appreciated.

Fourth Grade

 4- folders with center prong and pockets

 2- 12 pks #2 pencils 

 8- Expo Dry Erase Markers

 1- pk. highlighters

 1- pk. pencil top erasers

 1- pk. index cards (lined)

 1- pair scissors

 3- pk. Post-It notes 

 12- Elmer's glue sticks

 2- composition books (wide ruled)

 3- spiral notebooks (wide ruled)

 1- pk of colored pencils

 1-pk. of crayons (24 count)

 1-pk. of markers 

 1- pair of earbuds/headphones 

 Donations of paper towels, tissues, and Ziploc baggies would be very much appreciated. 

Fifth Grade


1- pk of wide ruled paper

2- dz.- #2 pencils (NO MECHANICAL)

1- pkg of  colored pencils (at least 12 count)

1- pk of eraser pencil toppers

1- pair of scissors

1- pair of earbuds

1- ruler with inches and centimeters

1- package of glue sticks

1- 3x5 index cards

1- Highlighter


1- zippered pencil pouch

1- 2-pk of dry erase markers 

2- composition notebooks

2- plastic (not paper) folders with 3 prongs and 2 pockets (1 green and 1 purple)

Language Arts/Social Studies:

2- composition notebooks

2-plastic (not paper) folders with 3 prongs and 2 pockets (1 orange and 1 blue)

Wish List Items that may be donated:

Rolls of paper towels        Boxes of tissues

Sandwich Ziplock baggies    Gallon Ziplock baggies

Liquid hand soap

Please label everything with first and last name.

*Supplies may need replenished throughout the year.