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FY 2021-2022 Budget Reduction Plan
On Monday April 12, 2021 the Jefferson Local School District Board of Education adopted the attached budget reduction plan. The administration was tasked by the Board of Education with developing a plan to help balance the District’s budget in a responsible manner. We believe that this plan does so. The personnel reductions are due to attrition, which means the employees in those positions are leaving due to retirement or moving into new roles. Their old roles are not being filled, achieving cost savings. Additionally, the West Jefferson Education Association has agreed to a higher cost share in medical insurance, representing a shared sacrifice from our staff to help the budget situation. We are also utilizing federal funds received through the various COVID relief bills to help offset our technology purchases. Finally, our partnership with the Village of West Jefferson resulted in additional revenue of over $600,000 over the previous year due to our sharing of income tax collected at the Community Reinvestment Area. As a result of these measures, Jefferson Local is in a better financial condition than it was at the beginning of the school year. The Board of Education and the Administration will continue to monitor its budget situation and make any necessary changes to achieve and maintain a balanced budget. Any questions or concerns should be directed toward Superintendent William Mullett at [email protected] or Treasurer Mark Ingles at [email protected] 

Please see the attached PDF for some detailed information.
Attachments Available To Download:
2021-2022 Budget Reduction Plan
2021-2022 Budget Reduction Plan (RTF)